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Subway Station


SIDS – End of Platform and Tunnel Intrusion Detection

Restricted Zone Detection System 

Our LIDAR-based transit right-of-way and tunnel security system is designed to detect and send automatic alerts when a person enters a restricted railway zone, such as station end-of-platform, tunnels, and right-of-ways. 

Our railway track security system utilizes the same design and components as the rail station safety TIDS system, but modified for the security requirements and functions.

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Railway Security Functions

System interfaces for:

  • Security Control Center and Rail Control Center notification

  • CCTV cameras

  • Access control card readers, intercoms

  • Fibre/WiFi/Ethernet communication with SCC and RCC

Revenue trains or work vehicles will not trigger alarms.

Intrusion detection threshold settings allow the trigger of alarms based on users' criteria such as the size of the object, the direction of the moving person, and dwell time (loitering) in the detection zone.

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