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TIDS - Platform Fall Detection and Track Occupancy Intrusion Detection

Advanced Object Detection System
Our subway station safety system is designed to enhance station platform safety for subway and LRT passengers. Provide subway/LRT commuter safety with real-time platform fall detection. The subway passenger system will detect and send automatic alerts when a person or dangerous object enters the track area for a predetermined length of time. 
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  • The detection scanner algorithms employed by our subway/LRT station safety system have been developed based on user experience with 2D LIDAR installations across North America. 

  • Designed to detect and minimize service disruptions and delays caused by nuisance alarms such as momentary track intrusions that are cleared before the train enters the station. 

  • The system will send automatic alerts/alarms based on the duration of time the object remains on the tracks. 

  • Ability to separate and classify detected objects based on object volume. 

  • The system will track any detected object while on the tracks. 

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TIDS Processor and Control System 

The LRT/subway station safety system features a control system that determines if the detection is valid and provides data for the appropriate incident response activity.  

  • Classification of LIDAR-detected objects on the tracks 

  • Determination of appropriate action based on object identification, dwell time, and location of the train (provided by others) 

  • Interface with the agency's automatic safety control system, such as CBTC/Zone Controllers for automatic emergency break or service break applications 

  • Alerts/alarms to train operators via WiFi or other communication networks for manual train operational response 

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