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LIDAR-Based Security Systems for Rail Transit 

  • Integrated Railway Track Security Hardware & Software Systems
  • TIDS for Platform Fall Detection and Intrusion Detection
  • SIDS for Transit Infrastructure, Right-of-Way, and Tunnel Security      
Today's biggest and most expensive weakness for transit electronic safety and security system operators is false alarms.


False alarms are a hassle and expensive to manage. They lead to alarm fatigue, a heightened risk of security breaches, and affect safety operations. Addressing these deficiencies requires modernizing the underlying detection systems and an appropriate automatic or manual control response so that these railway track and infrastructure security systems can accurately and proactively detect real threats. 

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LIDAR Safety & Security Solution

LIDAR-based railway track security systems are deployed at transit stations and inside train tunnels to enhance passenger safety and provide infrastructure security. The systems are designed to  automatically transmit the necessary information to:  


  • The automatic train safety control systems

  • The train drivers for visual confirmation and response

  • Rail control center for overall supervision and response co-ordination.


The TIDS and SIDS systems have been developed exclusively for rail transit solutions that combine current 3D digital LIDAR technology with the operational requirements gained from over 400 transit installations of 2D LIDAR technology at rail transit stations and tunnels across North America.

Our Solutions

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TIDS - Rail Station Platform Fall Detection

Advanced Object Detection System 

Designed to enhance the safety of passengers at rail stations, by detecting and automatically sending alerts when a person or dangerous object enters the station track area. 


SIDS – End of Platform and Tunnel Intrusion Detection 

Restricted Zone Detection System 

LIDAR-based railway track monitoring system designed to detect and send automatic alerts when a person enters a track restricted zone, such as station end-of-platform, tunnels and right-of-ways. 

Light railway


SIDS 2 - Railway Infrastructure Intrusion Detection 

Early Warning Detection System (EWS) 

LIDAR and radar-based rail infrastructure intrusion detection and prevention system designed to augment and improve traditional solutions such as security fencing, lighting, access control and video surveillance systems. 

Image by Joël de Vriend

About Molinari Sensors

Molinari & Associates Inc. is a private Canadian corporation operating in Canada and the USA. Our business is focused on developing unique sensor-based solutions to solve our clients' needs and non-standard, customized requirements.

We continuously strive to find the right sensor for the right application. Our main business is providing custom-designed sensor systems for Safety & Security applications. In the rail transit sector, we provide innovative and customized subway/LRT station safety systems, railway track monitoring and tunnel security, and rail platform fall detection. For power plants, and high-value institutional and industrial buildings, we provide infrastructure security systems designed for intrusion detection and prevention. Our system solutions include application feasibility studies, detailed design and engineering  documentation, installation supervision, commissioning and on-going field service.

Intertek Solutions Inc., our technical partner in New York, provides technical services for field installations, commissioning and after-sales service.


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